Aug 29

Bill Carey: With My Neighbor at the Stairs

It’s twelve o’clock last night, when I get home, exhausted from a long and hard day at work.Upon entering the portal I meet my neighbor, the one in front of my door, on the same landing. He also just got there a few minutes before.He is a very tall boy, physically attractive, with clear eyes and a shaved head that gives him an air of “bad boy” that we all like.- Goodnight. (I mean). Going to the elevator to go up to my house.Then he tells me:- Good night, it seems the elevator does not work, look at the warning sign.- Ufff! (I exclaim) with a sigh.Now you will have to climb the six stories high on foot, what I was missing!We begin the ascent to the sixth floor by engaging in the typical conversation between neighbors, but with smiles between us.It shows a lot we like each other for a long time, when he moved to the building.Upon reaching the third floor, I stumble with him almost falling and he holds me in the air avoiding a great blow, but my bag falls, leaving all my belongings dismissed.(What a shame I feel). He helps me pick up my wallet, handkerchiefs and something else scattered around.I sit on a step trying to recover from fright, and I realize that your package is right in front of my face.His jeans are quite marked and I blush, try to take the thrown keys and brush our hands.I don’t need more, the spark jumps.I take it in the ass and then it stands straight in front of me like a marble statue.I unzip her pants, lowering her underwear and I get a big surprise.He has a huge cock, one of those that you rarely find in your life, and I thank you mentally.I take it with my hands and throw myself to suck it like a desperate sexual hunger.He lets himself be done and praises me for my work moaning.We both know we can be surprised by any neighbor who drops the trash at that time, but we don’t care, we’re too horny.I barely fit in my tiny mouth that I have but I try hard to lick that phallus worthy of a Greek god.Palpita, I notice it is about to run, but it does not let me finish, holding my body to get up, turn around and lower my pantsI am a step above him, and I rub his cock down my ass, I look down at my mount of Venus, his member is so large,I take her hand to touch my thigh and feel like a low crystalline trail wetting my entire leg, super excited.He nails it to me without compassion, and just then the stair light timer leaves us completely dark. I feel as I can by the steps looking for my mobile that is still lying, without him taking it out of my anus, fucking me without compassion.I find it and put it in flashlight mode to not miss that porn scene that we have among us. I take the opportunity to grab the railing by raising both feet to the step above, so I stay suspended as a roundabout, now I have the rhythm, and I fuck it up and down, I just need a few thrusts to make it run inside of me, noticing all his hot milk inside me.We breathe and laugh again at the rugged situation.We get dressed, pick up everything and go up hand to the sixth floor, on the landing we realize that the neighboring gossip spying us through the peephole of his door.That causes us more complicit laughs.He goes to his door and kisses my cheek tenderly to tell me:-All nice to meet you neighbor.- The pleasure has been mine … neighbor.Goodnight.And each one goes into his house as if nothing.I think now I will fall asleep in bed, after a hot shower.

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Aug 24

Latin Ian: Hello Again!

hello everybody, omg it been a while seens the last time i was here with you guys, well all of this time i have being working very hard unfortanely i was not able to come online here, but thank god im here now, so guys i can wait to see you today let’s meet on my room let’s chat and see what happens, of course i will be updating with you guys my blogs and everything love you guys!!!!! kisses and hugs

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Aug 23

Logan Ashtone: Juegos Sexuales

Just thinking about what happened to me last night, I get excited again. What happened I thought he would say no, but he answered me with a resounding “YES”, what a surprise it takes me.I tell you, yesterday I invited a good friend to dinner at my house. As a good host I think I am, I prepared a welcome cocktail accompanied by “Frank Sinatra” style music. Then I told him that I had created an erotic board game but that there are some tests that must be tested before I can present my project. That’s why I stopped it months ago.I proposed to put into practice some test to test the quality and fun and the first test that I proposed, it seemed good and agreed to participate. Fuck, I thought he would say no and when he said yes, my legs began to shake.The test is that one of the two has to go to a room alone and put on music with headphones and cover their eyes with a mask. Then, for ten minutes you have to masturbate thinking about the other person. Then it has seven minutes of time from which you can go to the room or not and watch how you masturbate. This or this one who is exercising his hand, being dark and hearing nothing from outside, will never know if they have been looking at him.Well, to that test he said yes and the one who went to the room was me. This happened…When I headed to the room I was already excited by the possibility that my friend saw me naked and touching me. He had never had anything sexual with her so full of emotion.When I stretched out in my bed in the room, I sold my eyes and put on music. I took off my pants and underwear and began to touch myself while thinking that no friend was possibly already looking at me and maybe thinking of touching myself too. From the beginning I was already hard of excitement and I kept thinking that she was wearing a skirt and that she was touching her panties away to the side in front of me. I don’t know if it was like that, but I liked to think that. The minutes passed and there was no way of knowing if she was nearby. But suddenly I noticed something in my right hand, as if I had it wetter, as if they had helped me. Fuck … I was already thinking that I would suddenly have oral sex, but I never noticed his mouth. Even if I think about it, I reach orgasm. What a unique feeling. I think he did see me, but I will never know for sure … In the previous agreement it was included that she said what she said could be a lie or truth. He told me first that he hadn’t gone to the room, but then he said yes. He had liked it. I couldn’t believe anything, but I sensed yes. I would have gone. And I would have even done something with my tongue. Would it have been left? I think I’ll tell you to stay again for more tests of my game. I hope you say yes and that time I noticed his body with mine.

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Aug 23

Michael Jenner: Happy for a Very Productive Day

Today I want to let you know that this day was a great day, I had a great time living together enjoying to the fullest what the wise people call the “little things”.in spite of so much inconvenience today I enjoy to the maximum of the small things and the small moments, my vibe feels great and for that reason my loves today I come with the best attitude and with all the desire to transmit. Do not forget, today I will be broadcasting from 3:40 am until 6:00 am Colombian time.I wait for you in my living room so we can have fun

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